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Septic Tank Cleaning

City Waste Incinerator (SMC-Pvt) Ltd., providing safe disposal services for all types of Waste Water removal from the Septic Tanks along with other waste through Sucker Bowser. We have provided waste management collection and services to complete and sustainable solutions for non hazardous Waste Water removal from Septic Tank.

Operation Method:- Septic Tank cover shall be kept open at least two hour before proceeding the Job.

PPE’S:- A complete PPE’s (Personal Protective Equipment) & Uniform essential needs during Activities;

Manpower:- To avoid work hassle it is requested to the company to arrange Lunch/dinner for our Workers from the official canteen.

Disposal of Waste:- Finally collected Non-Hazardous Waste Water shall be thrown to the designated Landfill Area fertilizing the Land environmentally and friendly manner.

Methhology:- The waste disposed of accordance with Semi Aerobic FUKOUKA method. Lechud recover system also explain with this paictures.

We are committed to complying with the relevant laws and regulations applicable to our activities and services via coordination with concerned authorities in this sector.